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The Brief

Building on the success of the bar and restaurant fit out of the ground floor and basement for Jeru, in Mayfair, our team was once again trusted with expanding this iconic establishment to the 1st floor. 

The goal was to introduce a new private dining area and a garden room with a bar, enhancing the restaurant's allure while maintaining its operational efficiency. Collaborating with the Jeru team and Studio Arin, our challenge was to execute the expansion with minimal disruption to the bustling restaurant and the office spaces located above. As well as ensuring the seamless fusion of the existing restaurant with the new sections of Jeru. 

What we did 

This project was a journey of blending architectural innovation with functional design all while ensuring minimal disruption to Jeru Mayfair's busy environment. The following key phases and features highlight our approach:

Acoustic lining for minimal disruption
During the bar and restaurant fit out project at Jeru, our top priority was the acoustic treatment of the 1st floor.  This step which focused on acoustically lining the area created a sound buffer, allowing construction to proceed without affecting the restaurant's ambiance or office productivity. As a result, we successfully expanded the establishment without the need for overtime or to work outside regular hours. This forward planning preserved Jeru's serene atmosphere and ensured uninterrupted office operations.

Harmonising design elements
Our commitment to a unified design was carried throughout the whole project. The new spaces on the 1st floor were designed to seamlessly fuse with the existing aesthetic of Jeru Mayfair, ensuring a harmonious continuation of the restaurant's design elements. 

To do this we incorporated original features of the existing restaurant such as the open-faced limestone wall and floor tiles, into the upstairs area. This continuity in design ensured a seamless transition between the old and the new areas.

Private dining area with luxurious ambience
A standout feature of the bar and restaurant fit out expansion was the private dining area, which was designed and executed to offer Jeru guests an exceptional culinary experience. Here, we introduced individual dining spaces, each defined by elegant curtains. This thoughtful touch not only ensured privacy to those dining but also created an intimate and exclusive atmosphere, allowing guests to savour their meals in a secluded setting while still being a part of the vibrant restaurant ambience.

Creating the garden room experience
The garden room was the second part of the bar and restaurant fit out. The aim of this was to create an indoor garden oasis. To bring this vision to life we incorporated a polished mirror ceiling and surrounded the room with stone walls. While also installing numerous trees and foliage across the ceiling. These elements infused the space with a natural ambience that transports diners to a serene botanical setting.

Strategic construction of new staircase
The fusion of restaurant designs was just one part of our mission; equally challenging was the task of structurally linking the new 1st floor space with the existing restaurant. To tackle this we embarked on the construction of a brand-new staircase, all within a tightly constrained 10-day timeframe. With precision, we installed a bespoke timber and stone staircase, designed to not only blend with the restaurant's aesthetic but also to serve as an inviting transition between the old and the new.


Our journey with Jeru Mayfair was a blend of innovation and functionality, resulting in the seamless bar and restaurant fit out expansion of this iconic restaurant. Through careful acoustic planning, unified design elements, and the creation of exquisite dining spaces, we preserved Jeru's serene ambience. This restaurant expansion is a testament to our commitment to culinary innovation and operational excellence, turning Jeru into more than just a restaurant but an experience in the heart of Mayfair.

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