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The Brief

In an ambitious endeavor, Aragawa teamed up  with restaurant fit out contractors ecsec, to  leverage their expertise in bringing to life a distinctive vision at their new Clarges Street location. This partnership aimed to replicate the esteemed dining experience that Aragawa is celebrated for, blending traditional Japanese culinary art with the sophistication of Mayfair.

Aragawa, an acclaimed Tokyo-based steak specialist is renowned for its exquisite Japanese Kobe beef and has expanded its culinary footprint with its inaugural venture into the UK market. Renowned in both Japan and LA for its exceptional dining experience, Aragawa chose ecsec to deliver the vision for the restaurant at the prestigious Miyama site in Mayfair. Incorporating authentic Japenese design with modern design was an exciting brief.  

What we did

Embarking on a 16-week project, our team was appointed with the task of transforming the existing space into a haven of Japanese culinary artistry. The initial phase involved stripping the interior back to its shell, setting the stage for a meticulous fit out to honour Aragawa's heritage and high standards.

Intricate external work

One of the focal points of the project involved intricate external work. The installation of a new extract riser duct was a challenge, not only due to its technical specifications — ascending six stories on the rear elevation — but also because it required minimal disruption to the building's residents. Our team's planning and execution ensured the project's smooth progression, balancing efficiency with discretion.

Space limitations

Under the design direction of Rosendale Design, the restaurant fit out was a nod to traditional Japanese aesthetics. Given the compact nature of the location, a key challenge for us lay in manoeuvring substantial kitchen apparatus which included a hefty kiln into the basement area. Our solution involved a strategic structural opening on the ground floor, which we later enhanced with a frameless glass balustrade that became a design feature post-installation.

Designing a welcoming ground floor

As restaurant fit out contractors our goal was to create a reception area that was both inviting and sophisticated, making the most of the restricted space. We Installed rich oak wall panels to convey a feeling of warmth and luxury. The addition of temperature-controlled wine display units not only served a practical purpose but also added an element of refined sophistication. Furthermore, we installed an expansive private dining area that maximised the available space while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 

Incorporating artisanal elements in a compact basement

The basement area of the restaurant presented a unique challenge: introducing artisanal craftsmanship into a confined space without making it feel cramped or overwhelming. This was  addressed by strategically placing a rough-cut stone counter that became the focal point of the open cooking area. This was complemented by a custom-made kiln, which not only served as a functional piece but also as a testament to the culinary artistry Aragawa is renowned for. Above, the ceiling showcased an elaborate timber design, adding depth and character to the space. The walls, presented panels inspired by traditional kimono textiles, surrounding guests in an ambience that is authentically Japanese.


This project was a celebration of meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and a deep respect for traditional aesthetics, culminating in a space that is not just a restaurant, but a homage to Japanese culinary artistry.

Despite spatial challenges and rigorous design requirements, our dedicated team delivered a venue that not only aligns with the prestige of Aragawa’s brand but also contributes a unique dining experience to Mayfair's luxury scene. For us, this project is a perfect example of how functionality can be merged with artistry.

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